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NetPV Business Units

 (NetPV's Book Publishing Division)

  • Nautical Publishing
  • Wescott Cove Publishing
  • Bristol Fashion Publishing
  • Motorcycle Publishing

NetPV Information

Founded in 1989, NetPV and its management have funded, owned, and operated a variety of ventures including

  • The Brevard Technical Journal, featuring news about the business and the science of technology in Brevard County, Florida's Science, Technology, and Space Coast.

  • The Reporter, a weekly newspaper for the legal profession in Brevard.

  • Suntree - Viera News, a community newspaper.

  • The Merritt Island Bulletin, a weekly community publication.

  • Radio Station WRFB, was probably the first broadcast station operated completely by computer with all digitally recorded and scheduled content.

  • E-FAB, a contract manufacturing and electronics design company.